About Us

How the obsession started!

Our journey started as a hobby when we couldn’t buy melts in our favourite fragrance of Japanese Honeysuckle.

We started making candles and melts for ourselves, only to have many requests to buy our products. And that’s when it became more!

We wanted to stay with a natural feel, with no added colours, and minimum wastage so chose to make our melts in moulds without the plastic and candles in glass vessels and as eco-friendly as possible.

We love testing out new fragrances and sometimes find it hard to narrow down our range. Because of this we often offer a fragrance for a limited time, but always continue to stock our core favourites.

And if there is something special you have smelt in your travels, do tell us please so we can test it out!!!!




Hand-poured with Love

All our candles, tealights and melts are hand-poured in our home studio.


Soy Wax

All our candles, tealights and melts are hand-poured with a premium soy wax which is natural and kosher.


Biodegradeable Pouches

Our melts are made in moulds and packaged into Oxo-Degradable paper bags made with renewable wood pulp starch and this is completely oxo-degradable. 100% of the wood pulp portion will be dissolved in approx 85 days with a home composting facility. Balance 55 -40% of pack is from fossil and it has additive which helps total packaging breakdown in approx ten years.


Eco Friendly

We pride ourselves on being as Eco friendly as possible using glass jars that you can wash out and reuse in your house, plastic tealight containers that are recyclable, cotton wicks free of heavy metals such as lead and bamboo diffuser reeds.

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